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Twitter, a list of my pages on Internet – everything stay here. I’m just leaving and I won’t be here never again.

So, if you want to join me, go: :) Hope, I see you soon. :) The newest note on Tumblr is going to be upload for a while. So, stay tuned, as always, and take care!


Oh my God! What a damn song! Why? Because my program for making videos wanted to rebel against me. And it did! I’ve never had problems with sound, but now I had. What’s interesting – I don’t know why. Nobody knows why! God. Instead taking 1-2 hours it took me
about 6!
Anyway, I really enjoy the video. As always. I love the song even more than ever before. And so A City Serene. I’m so glad they made a new EP. I don’t call it a comeback. :)
The video goes for ACS contest. (I’m just sad because one of the price is Skype session and I haven’t got it, but I’ll be worrying about it if I win – but I don’t think so, cuz I make the simpliest videos ever :). And don’t be afraid it’s the only one video I made of this band. I’ll make much more – they have 2 EPs, at least! :) So, as always, stay tuned and… see you VERY soon. :)



Ok, wait! Imagine that all of your favourite bands make a contest like that! The world will be so amazing…

And I forgot to say. When Carly sings: And who the hell (…), I feel like she would like to say: And who the fuck… And why everybody’s asking about a line `fuck your sinking ships`? I don’t know anything at all.

How am I tired of seeing comments like these:
I expected something different than this.
I’m dissapointed.
This is shit.
This is not the old (and here a name of band).
The band sold out!

I lived through MCR with a happier album, far from their `emo` style.
I lived through 30stm with a different album than previous ones.

But thier fans (so me too) liked the albums anyway!

I lived through Linkin Park with totally different album too.
And now Evanescence… God, why do you do this to me?
Why people got stucked in one, specified kind of music of the band, and can’t get out of it?

“I listen only goth metal and if EV plays sth more like rock now than I won’t listen to it.”
So don’t if you want, fuck you.

I’m just saying, that I’m sad because of these people.  I’m mad too, I’m fucking fucked up, fuck! :D

But, beyond this, new Ev single is full of emotions. And it’s really weird for me. I hear Amy’s freedom. I don’t know why… But her voice is something like louder. Stronger. I feel the hapiness. Like she’s got free from a little bit sad picture of her from previous albums.
More music, more rock. Amy Lee rocks. That’s all. I’m ending…

There was a funny accident with the single. I started to listen VersaEmerge new album and one of their songs includes a line: What you want is near. And about a couple of hours after that I read about the Ev single. :)

Black Veil Brides welcome to my channel! @TheFallyn1 (YT user) asked me to make videos for their songs and I made it! So, be happy. :D

First I made video for `Fallen Angel`. If you like Atreyu and Papa Roach – you will like this song. But lyrics didn’t interested me. Maybe that’s why that I couldn’t find the same versions of the lyrics. EVERY, EVRY lyrics for the song was different the the others. I’ve chose one that’s the most matching to what’s the singer sings. I’m sure there are mistekes and I’m sure there are no correct lyrics on Interent!

Then, I made video for `A Devil For Me`. And this was an amazing time! God, the song is awsome. :D It’s like `The End` by MCR with `Devour` by Marylin Manson. Something, you’re gonna like. :)

And the lyrics is simply great. :)

I didn’t know the band before the YT user told me. First comments that I’ve met below BVB videos were: the band is emo. Or something like that. People associate emo ONLY with cuts, razor blades, blood and finally suitcides. So I’ve immidiately matched the lyrics of `A Devil For Me` to these opinions:

And now is the time to show your stuff

Stuff = cuts.

Cause people talk but people separate

People talk about emo, they want to help, but they separate and it doesn’t help.

You talk the talk but do you walk the walk?

You talk that you’re emo, but you’re not, you don’t look like them, you want to be emo only because you want people to see you, to look at you like someone special.

Your apathy is just a living flaw

You won’t become emo only because you’re sad and you don’t like your live. Emo is a culture.

And the rest of the lyrics is about blood, about face the world. I really love it. Is my meaning of the song matching? Or isn’t it?

Fully Alive in the end of `13`. Now I’m gonna take a rest. But I know that I’ll upload more videos with Flyleaf songs. From Memento Mori special Edition and acoustic version from Flyleaf debut album and from EPs and demos. :) I really liked Flyleaf, now I love them. :) I’m:

Fully alive
More than most
Ready to smile and love life
Fully alive
Now I know
how to believe in futures

I must add that are two versions of the song, I have the short one. Oh, I’ve forgotten to say that I’ll also upload missing versions (short or longer) of songs. So, I will have every song by Flyleaf on my channel soon.

Bye now, see ya very soon, sleep tight. :D

I love songs about breathing. :D I don’t know why. I also like veins, death, blood and so on. :D

So many lies swirling around you
You’re suffocating,
The empty shape in you steals your breath
You’re suffocating.

Soul’s empty. Without God. It’s bad and I can’t breathe. This void ( Big enough to fill the void that’s inside of you) consumes me. But I’m strong enough to fill it. With love or God. Or something. I must suit myself. :) I must believe in something `cuz I’m empty and I can’t breathe.

This is hard song to explain! I’ll try, bu don’t judge me for it. :D

The first verse (it’s actually easy) says about joy that we see something what we’ve wanted to see before! It’s amazing for us, we lift up hand for it, but it disapear…

Chorus now. It’s a conclusion from the verse one. Dream disapeared – it MUST be something wrong with me if nothing wants to come to me. Is something missing in me?! Lovers left me to bleed alone. I’m alone and dreams (lovers) left me.

The seconds verse. She’s not given up. She found again her dream, but again it’s gone away. And now she suffers, because of their grief.

Down here love wasn’t’ meant to be

It wasn’t meant to be for me

God made me for another life. I’ve tried to make my dreams come true, but probably God wants me to walk others ways.

(all is vanity, underneath the sun, all is vanity)

And now I’m not sure. Vanity – what’s this in this song? I think it’s earth, with people. People live underneath the sun. But why `vanity`? Maybe it’s connected also with God. God’s got a plan for our life and we can’t turn the way he’s made for us.

A school learn me about this everything about God. I’m sure I don’t believe.


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