Love, love and again: love! I mean of course Flyleaf songs. Today: So I Thought. Definetly about only love, teenager’s love! About the end of it:

Pretty neighborhoods you learn to much to hold
Believe it not
And fight the tears
With pretty smiles and lies about the times

The song says (in my opinion) that Jesus began the love, and every our relationship has something from Jesus. Hard to explain in English for me… :D Jesus is an every love. Jesus is love. Love is Jesus:

And all these twisted thoughts I see
Jesus there in between

And yep, I’m still an atheist. :)

And now I think that the song wants to make us happy. We ended a relationship – `earth` love, but Jesus still exists and loves us (not me xD) and we can find him and be happy still. Maybe this is it?


Hello again!

I completly didn’t know what the song is about. But the page: clearly said me everything. Did you know that some of the lines in this song are from the Bible? I hate this book, but anyway I love Flyleaf. I blame myself for this contradiction….

You may be tired of love and God what’s in their songs, but don’t worry. The music is awsome and will help you through this pain, my atheist. :)


8.35 am here. I should upload video yesterday but I hadn’t got Internet…

Tiny Heart. I didn’t know that are two versions of this song! And, as people say in comments, I’ve got the new one. But I’m going to upload the old too, so don’t worry. :)

The lyrics is about abortion. One says that. It’s right, but to me the lyrics can be about girl that fell in love in a boy who is older. And that’s all. I said that Flyleaf lyrics is about love. :)

As I write everyday about a song by Flyleaf as I have less to say. I think, they make a one large song with their songs. I hope so.

Set your thoughts on a world far off

Stars reflecting off your eyes

Today something about dreams. About what happens with dreaming person. The eyes are shiny, we are in other world. This is really great picture of situation like that

Set apart this dream

Everyone has a dream. Is that truth? I have. One, big, and I will do it. I am doing now! I’m making my dreams come true! This is just great! You should try it. :)

Close your eyes, little girl

You’re a princess now

You own this world

Twirling in your twirly dress

You’re the loveliest far above the rest

And it’s not meant for only little cute girls who dreams about being princess! It’s for everybody! For you too. :)

I couldn’t and still can’t find what Lacley sings in the end? This is magical and it really fits to this song, but I don’t know these words! I’m so frustrated? Help! I need some help…

I was wondering if I should name the post My arms are outstretched towards you ‘cuz I didn’t understand the words outstretched towards when I first listened to it. :D But I really love the title, I love the word `sway`. Not its meaning, but the pronounciation… And the whole sentence sounds great to my ears. I’m weird, I know, but I’m just saying the truth.

The song can be for God or a person we love. I think every single song of Flyleaf is about love and everyone can interpret it for two ways. If you’re a Christian – you’ll probably interpret as a song about God, but for songs by them are about love. No matter who is a person we love – it’s for him/her.

If you want read over a lot of opinion about songs, you should go to:

There are a lot of people having something interesting to say. If you enjoy reading then go. :)

And look what I found!

They look so pretty! And beautiful.... :D So damn fucking good!

Hello again. :D Today it’s time for truth!

As always when I was looking for lyrics I met interesting opinions about the song. Almost everybody says that this song is about young Lacley! When she was young and didn’t believe in God. I found out that Lacley lived with mother and her brothers, sisters. Where’s father you ask? Following fans’ words, the line: To stop the pain from the beatings is about him! I feel sorry for her, if this is true.

I like the line: Wishing my wrists were bleeding. It’s obviously about cutting her wrists with razor blade. It’s also hard topic to talk about ( like topic in Sarrow). Clever lyrics, clever songs, clever Flyleaf, clever fans, clever me. Cheers!

Today it’s time for song called I’m Sorry.

When I first time heard this song I thought that the song is about raped 10 years old girl.

Your hand’s coming down again

I close my eyes and brace myself
I only noticed your face

I am aware
Of what you mean by then
I’m only ten years old

I love you and I understand

It all seems to me be about a rape. I can’t imagine others explanation for this lyrics. And the title `I’m sorry`. Victims often feel like they are guilty for THIS fact. So, everything’s clear. It’s beautiful song about a sad reality…

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