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Love, love and again: love! I mean of course Flyleaf songs. Today: So I Thought. Definetly about only love, teenager’s love! About the end of it:

Pretty neighborhoods you learn to much to hold
Believe it not
And fight the tears
With pretty smiles and lies about the times

The song says (in my opinion) that Jesus began the love, and every our relationship has something from Jesus. Hard to explain in English for me… :D Jesus is an every love. Jesus is love. Love is Jesus:

And all these twisted thoughts I see
Jesus there in between

And yep, I’m still an atheist. :)

And now I think that the song wants to make us happy. We ended a relationship – `earth` love, but Jesus still exists and loves us (not me xD) and we can find him and be happy still. Maybe this is it?


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