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How am I tired of seeing comments like these:
I expected something different than this.
I’m dissapointed.
This is shit.
This is not the old (and here a name of band).
The band sold out!

I lived through MCR with a happier album, far from their `emo` style.
I lived through 30stm with a different album than previous ones.

But thier fans (so me too) liked the albums anyway!

I lived through Linkin Park with totally different album too.
And now Evanescence… God, why do you do this to me?
Why people got stucked in one, specified kind of music of the band, and can’t get out of it?

“I listen only goth metal and if EV plays sth more like rock now than I won’t listen to it.”
So don’t if you want, fuck you.

I’m just saying, that I’m sad because of these people.  I’m mad too, I’m fucking fucked up, fuck! :D

But, beyond this, new Ev single is full of emotions. And it’s really weird for me. I hear Amy’s freedom. I don’t know why… But her voice is something like louder. Stronger. I feel the hapiness. Like she’s got free from a little bit sad picture of her from previous albums.
More music, more rock. Amy Lee rocks. That’s all. I’m ending…

There was a funny accident with the single. I started to listen VersaEmerge new album and one of their songs includes a line: What you want is near. And about a couple of hours after that I read about the Ev single. :)


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