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Black Veil Brides welcome to my channel! @TheFallyn1 (YT user) asked me to make videos for their songs and I made it! So, be happy. :D

First I made video for `Fallen Angel`. If you like Atreyu and Papa Roach – you will like this song. But lyrics didn’t interested me. Maybe that’s why that I couldn’t find the same versions of the lyrics. EVERY, EVRY lyrics for the song was different the the others. I’ve chose one that’s the most matching to what’s the singer sings. I’m sure there are mistekes and I’m sure there are no correct lyrics on Interent!

Then, I made video for `A Devil For Me`. And this was an amazing time! God, the song is awsome. :D It’s like `The End` by MCR with `Devour` by Marylin Manson. Something, you’re gonna like. :)

And the lyrics is simply great. :)

I didn’t know the band before the YT user told me. First comments that I’ve met below BVB videos were: the band is emo. Or something like that. People associate emo ONLY with cuts, razor blades, blood and finally suitcides. So I’ve immidiately matched the lyrics of `A Devil For Me` to these opinions:

And now is the time to show your stuff

Stuff = cuts.

Cause people talk but people separate

People talk about emo, they want to help, but they separate and it doesn’t help.

You talk the talk but do you walk the walk?

You talk that you’re emo, but you’re not, you don’t look like them, you want to be emo only because you want people to see you, to look at you like someone special.

Your apathy is just a living flaw

You won’t become emo only because you’re sad and you don’t like your live. Emo is a culture.

And the rest of the lyrics is about blood, about face the world. I really love it. Is my meaning of the song matching? Or isn’t it?


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