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Oh my God! What a damn song! Why? Because my program for making videos wanted to rebel against me. And it did! I’ve never had problems with sound, but now I had. What’s interesting – I don’t know why. Nobody knows why! God. Instead taking 1-2 hours it took me
about 6!
Anyway, I really enjoy the video. As always. I love the song even more than ever before. And so A City Serene. I’m so glad they made a new EP. I don’t call it a comeback. :)
The video goes for ACS contest. (I’m just sad because one of the price is Skype session and I haven’t got it, but I’ll be worrying about it if I win – but I don’t think so, cuz I make the simpliest videos ever :). And don’t be afraid it’s the only one video I made of this band. I’ll make much more – they have 2 EPs, at least! :) So, as always, stay tuned and… see you VERY soon. :)



Ok, wait! Imagine that all of your favourite bands make a contest like that! The world will be so amazing…

And I forgot to say. When Carly sings: And who the hell (…), I feel like she would like to say: And who the fuck… And why everybody’s asking about a line `fuck your sinking ships`? I don’t know anything at all.


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