through thick and thin…

Posted on: July 22, 2011

This is hard song to explain! I’ll try, bu don’t judge me for it. :D

The first verse (it’s actually easy) says about joy that we see something what we’ve wanted to see before! It’s amazing for us, we lift up hand for it, but it disapear…

Chorus now. It’s a conclusion from the verse one. Dream disapeared – it MUST be something wrong with me if nothing wants to come to me. Is something missing in me?! Lovers left me to bleed alone. I’m alone and dreams (lovers) left me.

The seconds verse. She’s not given up. She found again her dream, but again it’s gone away. And now she suffers, because of their grief.

Down here love wasn’t’ meant to be

It wasn’t meant to be for me

God made me for another life. I’ve tried to make my dreams come true, but probably God wants me to walk others ways.

(all is vanity, underneath the sun, all is vanity)

And now I’m not sure. Vanity – what’s this in this song? I think it’s earth, with people. People live underneath the sun. But why `vanity`? Maybe it’s connected also with God. God’s got a plan for our life and we can’t turn the way he’s made for us.

A school learn me about this everything about God. I’m sure I don’t believe.


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