Twirling in your twirly dress

Posted on: July 17, 2011

As I write everyday about a song by Flyleaf as I have less to say. I think, they make a one large song with their songs. I hope so.

Set your thoughts on a world far off

Stars reflecting off your eyes

Today something about dreams. About what happens with dreaming person. The eyes are shiny, we are in other world. This is really great picture of situation like that

Set apart this dream

Everyone has a dream. Is that truth? I have. One, big, and I will do it. I am doing now! I’m making my dreams come true! This is just great! You should try it. :)

Close your eyes, little girl

You’re a princess now

You own this world

Twirling in your twirly dress

You’re the loveliest far above the rest

And it’s not meant for only little cute girls who dreams about being princess! It’s for everybody! For you too. :)

I couldn’t and still can’t find what Lacley sings in the end? This is magical and it really fits to this song, but I don’t know these words! I’m so frustrated? Help! I need some help…


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