Perfect in weakness – the right way of meanings.

Posted on: July 12, 2011

I still don’t know why I listen to Flyleaf. Their lyrics are about God, I see it, I can hear it. I’m not Christian or something. I believe in nature only, nothing else. But Flyleaf has something special. Their lyrics are truly the best, with the best meaning. Flyleaf can put in lyrics eveything. I feel their emotions, I think this is what they want from their fans – to feel the right meaning. This is the way.

You really don’t have to be a Christian to lisen to Flyleaf. The band is the best, Lacley has such an amazing voice and `the music makes me sway`. :)

Here is the first song from `13`:

Of course, songs by Flyleaf are blocked in Germany from my Channel, so sorry for that…

In my opinion the lines: I tried to kill you / You tried to save me, are definetly what the song is about. I tried to kill you – not only `kill` like a murder or something, but also when a Christian stops to be a Christian – kill the God in memories, dreams. Just kill the faith. And `you tried to save me` – God died for her, she couldn’t just stop believing. And then finally shouts: you save me! She couldn’t and she believes in God now. And then again `perfect in weakness`. She is so weak, she needs a help, she needs to believe… And she will. Maybe the song is about the young Lacley?


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